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Workitem Text Issue

Sep 18, 2017 at 12:48 PM


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Workitem Text is not responding correctly for different language.

I Created workflow template in logon language EN and translated to DE.

I created one scenario in EN and One Scenario in DE. I can see all translation text in both language however variable assigned using & disappears in non-EN language. This is happening for all task and workflow template.

Already executed Workflow sync buffer but it didnt help.

Here two workitem that was created for same template. First item is in DE and second is in EN. variable is empty in language DE. Text is also coming from old WF version

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1 Answer

Mike Pokraka Sep 18, 2017 at 07:54 PM

Maintain the WI text in the target language. If the text is not available, it will fall back to the task text, which is what you're seeing.

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Thanks for your suggestion, however i found one partial solution for this issue which matches with your comments.

I logged in in DE and maintained text for workitem. It worked. I still don't understand that text that was maintained before my chnage(In logon lang DE) was same as english still i was getting wrong workitem. Further investigation shows that when i changed text in logon lang DE it created an entry in HRS1206 for DE.

Do we have any way to do translation in other language like FR? My system logon language is only DE and EN however i have to do translation in other languages as well.



SAP tries to be helpful and will show you the original language if a translation is missing. So if you logon in DE and see English text it means either the translation is missing or someone just copied the English text over (you'd be surprised how many times I've seen this!)

You can use the standard translation tools to maintain these, either WF builder -> translation, or SE63. Or personally I log on in each target language and go through each object and maintain it. It takes a little longer this way but is the most reliable because texts are distributed across so many types.