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Sales - PO EDI between two independent SAP systems

Hi All,

I am working on enabling EDI between 2 independent SAP systems. I need some help on EDI setup.

For example System AB and System BC.

System AB creates PO which should create automatically a SO in System BC using EDI and BC Order confirmation and Delivery should create Confirmation and ASN in system AB using EDI.

Data example - Vendor # V1 in System AB and Customer number B1 in System BC

Need your help in below points.

In System BC partner profile(WE20) do we use the Sold to Party or Ship to party Customer # for EDI for setup.

If there are multiple Ship to Party for a Sold to Party, how the system BC determines the correct Ship to Party for the SO created automatically by EDI.

How do me map the EDI PO for Vendor V1 in System AB to create corresponding SO in System BC for Customer B1. Is there a mapping for Vendor V1 to Customer B1 in either of the systems?

Do we use ALE or EDI output in this scenarios?



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1 Answer

  • Sep 19, 2017 at 09:59 PM

    Balu, there is a book (I know because I wrote it :) ) that pretty much answers these questions and cost mere $10 on Amazon. It'd seem like a worthy investment in your case.

    In short, you use Sold-to partner. It's up to you how you'll handle Ship-to assignment. There are various ways.

    Not sure what you mean about "mapping"... You just use standard IDoc. If there is anything peculiar in your system then, naturally, you'd need to make an enhancement.

    ALE/EDI depends on how you plan to implement this. I'm guessing EDI would work but really, the book explains this quite well, I think.

    The SCN members might have been more inclined to provide free consulting if you've also contributed something to SCN since joining back in 2011. Just sayin'...

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