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SAP Web IDE Multi-Cloud version, white screen on run application

Sep 11, 2017 at 02:27 PM


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On SAP Web IDE Multi-Cloud version, when right clicking and going to Run > Run as > Web Application or SAP Fiori Launchpad Sandbox it gets to the SAML authentication and that stops on a white screen, with no errors in the console log.

I've tried this on custom apps I've created and also a new SAPUI5 app from template, nothing works. It only works if I deploy it to the SAP Cloud Platform then register it to my personal Fiori Launchpad.

I've tried the exact same in the standard SAP Web IDE version (non- Multi-Cloud version) and it works.

If anyone knows the solution to this, it would be great.


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1 Answer

Milen Dontcheff
Sep 13, 2017 at 09:00 AM

Hello Scott,

It seems like your user/account might not be authenticated by the SAP CF environment. (it does work with the SAP CP, doesn't it)

Firstly, is your account able to connect to the SAP Cloud Foundry. (do you use Trial or Productive SAP CF) Please make certain your SAP CF account is activated:

Then, in order to support the SSO solution of SAP Web IDE Multi-Cloud, one needs to configure their account to allow principal propagation and implement some other steps described here . Is all this implemented, when you do observe the SAML authentication screen?


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Hi, thanks for your response.

I'm using the Cloud Platform, not using Cloud Foundry. It is a trial CP account. I've activated CF just in case, following your advice. Principal propagation is enabled and all other steps have been implemented. I can see the SAML authentication part, then it just white screens and provides nothing, not even a console log. If I first deploy the app the SAP CP and then register it to the SAP FLP I've created, it works when I view it in the Launchpad.

When replicating the exact same steps in the non Multi-Cloud version of Web IDE, it works fine.


The SAP Web IDE Multi-Cloud is designed to be used with SAP CF or when you would like to run Grunt builds. Otherwise you might use the old SAP Web IDE - with which you do not have any issues.

Otherwise, this is indeed a very strange event you do observe.

If all the required steps are implemented on SAP CF,

the trust from your SAP Cloud Platform account (where you are running SAP Web IDE) to your SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry organization is established

and you might test the SAML Trust Provider

then you should not observe SAML authentication screen.

By the way are the connections to the CF Services created: