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Sep 07, 2007 at 09:50 AM

CCMS_OnAlert_Email : Emails are only sent manually



Before, to open this mesage, I've read many sap notes, weblogs, and topics regarding CCMS autoreaction methods but still, I couldn't resolve my problem.

I'm trying to configure automatic email when RZ20 alert occurs.

It does not seem to trigger an email automatically. However , I am able to trigger an email when I goto RZ20 -> Highlight the MTE -> Edit -> Nodes -> Start Methods -> Start Auto Reaction Methods. This way, email are correctly recevied with the corresponding alerts.

Therefore, SCOT seems to be correcly configured in client 000

We have a simple configuration : no CEN, no XI, etc ...

The problem seems to be related to the autoreaction mecanism.

In CCMS monitors, when I chek the view "status autoreaction" I'm getting the following :

CCMS_OnAlert_Email [Running in Autoabap] CHECKED Ready ( 00.00.0000 , 00:00:00 )

The autoreaction method doesn't seem to run, the only way to do so to

Manually start the auto-reaction method

Our SAP release is ECC6.

any idea would be highky appreciated.