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Oct 10, 2016 at 07:45 PM

Creating persistence model

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Hello, Experts

I'm rather new to HANA world so I wanted to ask you for a little hint/guidance.

I'm part of the development team that's working on an application written in Java that will consume HANA as a persistence model. (source of data for Java app). Java app will both write and read data from HANA tables, use stored procedures and views. Java app will be deployed on Hana cloud platform.

My task is to create data persistence model in HANA db (Hana cloud platform) and my question is which of the possible ways of data model creation is preferable on HANA.

We will have 2 instances of HANA db, one for development and one for production. Of course I will be using development system and I will need to transport my model to production system.

Should I create it using plain old SQL (directly into catalog) or should I create repository objects (.HDB syntax or CDS).

My guess is that I should be using this HANA native development (XS Project + CDS) but I am confused and I have limited time period for finishing this task.

Thanks in advance.