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Aug 09, 2007 at 03:48 PM

SPROXY - connection_test fails



We are on XI 3.0 SP10.

I'm trying to configure SPROXY on R/3(ebp) side but the first connection test fails.

The 1st connection test is program SPROX_CHECK_IFR_RESPONSE.

When he tries to find xi profile parameter nothing is returned :

l_server = cl_proxy_ifr=>get_profile_parameter_lcr(

i_section = server_param_section

i_name = server_param_name ).

with server_param_section = 'default'

server_param_name = ''

l_server remains blank.

whereas in xi exchange profile everything is ok :

Connections -> 50100 rep

Strange is links are not equal. <>

After this he tries access table SPROXSET :

So i builded entry with corresponding values and he builds url :

But then he concatenates this url which results in :

This returns error 404 on html page not found.

so i added parameters in xi 'default' to build url correctly and the error is the same. (404 not found)

What can i do to pass this connection test?