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Jul 26, 2017 at 09:23 AM

Import Contacts are not updated in the Segmentation profile for insurance



We have implemented notes 2070725 , 2140574 and generated test data with report SEPMH_DG_CEI. We were able to use the test data for segmentation and campaign. We want to load a new real time data for further testing, but when we import the data it is only appearing in the B2C segmentation profile, the data for Insurance profile is not updated with new data. I can notice that when the contacts are loaded table CUAND_CE_IC_ROOT is updated and the data is visible in B2C segment profile. But for Insurance we have tables CUAND_DEMO_I_BP, CUAND_DEMO_I_BPX, CUAND_DEMO_I_CON does the import option will not directly update this tables so that the are available for segmentation and creating a target group. Do we need to any further settings to link the tables related to insurance for segmentation profile.