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May 31, 2007 at 07:29 AM

about query related problem


hi ,

we are generate query in 2005b,and procced for execuite query.following problem occure'<b>odbc sql server driver'[sql server] syntax error the converting the nvarchar value' 70302/20307' to column of data type int received alert OAIB</b>


SELECT T5.DocNum as'Po. No. ', T5.DocDate as 'Po Date',T0.CreateDate,T5.NumAtCard as 'Man.PO. No/ Dt.', T0.DocNum as'AP No. ', T0.DocDate as 'AP Date',T0.NumAtCard as 'Vendor Ref. No.', T0.U_vbdt as 'Vendor Ref. Date', T0.CardName as 'Vendor', T1.Dscription as 'Item', T1.Quantity AS 'QTY' , T1.Price as 'Basic Rate', (T1.Price *T1.Quantity) as 'Value',T0.Comments as 'Po No. & Po.Dt.' FROM OPCH T0 INNER JOIN PCH1 T1 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry INNER JOIN OCRD T2 ON T0.CardCode = T2.CardCode INNER JOIN OPDN T3 ON T2.CardCode = T3.CardCode INNER JOIN PDN1 T4 ON T3.DocEntry = T4.DocEntry INNER JOIN OPOR T5 ON T2.CardCode = T5.CardCode INNER JOIN POR1 T6 ON T5.DocEntry = T6.DocEntry INNER JOIN OITM T7 ON T1.ItemCode = T7.ItemCode INNER JOIN OITB T8 ON T7.ItmsGrpCod = T8.ItmsGrpCod WHERE ( T1.BaseRef = T3.DocNum ) AND ( T4.BaseRef = T5.DocNum ) AND ( T0.U_vbdt >=[%25]AND T0.U_vbdt <=[%26]) AND ( T4.Dscription =T1.Dscription ) AND ( T4.Dscription = T6.Dscription ) AND (( T1.Dscription=[%0] OR T1.Dscription=[%1] OR T1.Dscription=[%2] OR T1.Dscription=[%3] OR T1.Dscription=[%4] OR T1.Dscription=[%5] OR T1.Dscription=[%6] OR T1.Dscription=[%7] OR T1.Dscription=[%8] ) OR ( T0.CardName=[%10] OR T0.CardName=[%09] OR T0.CardName=[%27] OR T0.CardName=[%28] ) OR (( T8.ItmsGrpNam =[%11] oR T8.ItmsGrpNam =[%12] OR T8.ItmsGrpNam =[%13] OR T8.ItmsGrpNam =[%14] OR T8.ItmsGrpNam =[%15] OR T8.ItmsGrpNam =[%16] OR T8.ItmsGrpNam =[%17] OR T8.ItmsGrpNam =[%18] OR T8.ItmsGrpNam =[%19] ) and ( T7.U_FirmName =[%20] OR T7.U_FirmName =[%21] OR T7.U_FirmName =[%22]

oR T7.U_FirmName =[%23] OR T7.U_FirmName =[%24] )) )