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May 29, 2007 at 10:56 AM



SDN Team,

This happens for second time, and this is done by SAP employees, so I want to raise the question stated by Anton (comments-on-sdn's-new-blogging-policy) again:

Ain't it's necessary to pass SAP employees through regular SDN blogging procedure?

Take a look at this:





Nonsense in 4 parts... Screen cast with sequel... "The picture worth a thousands words" taken to extreme...

Previously I saw similar nonsense in 7(!) parts, posted by SAP employee as well.

We haven't seen such for a long time. To be exact, new blogging policy save us from such crap. And the only persons that has rights to bypass this policy is SAP employees -- so the question is: if system fails twice due to same error, isn't it right time to fix this error?