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Jun 26, 2017 at 12:28 PM

Correction of Depreciation Posted in Area 32


There was one issue reported that previous years in 2015 there was difference in the depreciation posted in Dep area 01 (Book Dep) and 32 (Book Dep in Group Currency). Not able to know/understand why and how can this be happened when we have OABT settings where depreciation area 32 will always adopt values from depreciation area 01. Not seen this scenario before.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Now, client want to post adjustment entry for this difference. How can we post with adjustment with current settings?

Some of the post suggests to use ABSO/ABCO but when I try in ABSO, i get following error message: I guess again due to that OABT settings.

Error: "Contact Your System administrator (table error) - Message number AA380". Is it that we need to remove adoption flag in OABT and post adjustment and than put adoption flag back. I know it is not recommended way but can't think of any other solution. Kindly advise?