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Jun 23, 2017 at 10:31 AM

HR engine metrics - counts do not increase after employee added


Hello experts,

I am running FM, CALCULATE_HR_PA_RECORDS to count the withdrawn, inactive, retiree and active PA records. It gives me count, active = 1 while all other counts are = 0 (see image, PA_Counts.JPG).

I then use TCode PA30 to create an active employee. See image, PA30.JPG taken after creating employee Tim Webb. 4 infotypes were filled in as seen in the image.

However after the employee creation if I run the FM, CALCULATE_HR_PA_RECORDS again, it still shows a count of 1 for active (other counts are all = 0).

What am I missing.

Thanks in advance.




pa-counts.jpg (36.5 kB)
pa30.jpg (99.3 kB)