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Apr 12, 2007 at 01:23 AM

Add On does not uninstall properly


Hi All,

I have a situation where I

1. installed a version of my custom add-on on SAP( add on version 1 )

2. Uninstalled it (uninstalled version 1), using SAP add on administration window, . I made sure I got the add-on to the left hand side of the window, clicked on it , clicked Remove addon, and after that clicked Update, and also click ok. Also restarted the SAP. Even manually deleted the windows folder where I installed the add-on.

3. after all that, installed the add-on version 2. This is a new version of the add-on. Installation went ok without complaints.

4. however when running the add-on , the old add-on runs! ( version 1). It seems that SAP is still keeping the old add-on ( version 1) somewhere and is running it.

5. both exe are named the same, except that the version are different and the ard files are different.

6. One thing is that the SAP on this machine is an upgrade from 2004 to 2005A SP01, and still keeps the old style of SAP folders ( SAP Manage ). Could this be the cause for the issue?.

7. I have done uninstall of Version 1 and install of version 2 on other PCs having the new style of folders ( SAP Business One | B1_SHR etc etc ) and those computers do not have this problem.

8. also , all of a sudden the add-on stopped working and was found to be on the left hand side of the add-on admin window. very strange!

any ideas???

I know there was a Registry key , involved with version 6.5 days , does anyone remember what that is?



The story about version 1 and version 2 is that version 1 is a demo version and version 2 is the production version. So I may need to be doing this time to time.