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Errors during device Modification(EG42) -

Jun 07, 2017 at 03:42 AM


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Hi Experts,

I have a PTCT device & an AMI device. I did techinal install(EG33) for PTCT device followed by a full installation for AMI device(EG31). In the back ground I see that AMI device got allocated to PTCT device also. My AMI device

AMI which has 2 registers

Now, when I am doing some device modif (EG42) for change something and press on ‘SAVE’, i am getting an error “Device XXXX, register 001: No transformer allocation exists“.

1) Why am I getting this? My PTCT winding group is also well defined with Voltage(14400 /120) & Current 5,1 for Primary & Secondary respectively.

2) Device allocations are no longer consistent? – I goto EG72 and see that the allocations are also fine.

3) PT/CT factor could not be calculated

Please suggest why am I getting the 3 errors above..

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3 Answers

Ricky Shaw Jun 07, 2017 at 03:24 PM


Can you take a look at your Device Allocation(EG72)? May be you need to double check your data.

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Former Member Aug 24, 2017 at 01:05 PM

Hi Hari,

Can you please let us know what you were exactly doing on EG42?

Also, did your meter device category have combination with transformer?

Is billing factor populated on EG72?

Ensure that the meter and transformer are in same device location.


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Daniel McCollum Aug 24, 2017 at 10:43 PM

EN330 suggests: measuring type specified requires transformer allocation. I would guess some portion of the DEVMOD you are performing is altering the measurement type

IE: from the code where it is called... check the zuart is consistent with what you are doing.

* look if there is one register relation with zuart wandler

      READ TABLE p_xy_obj-obj-reg_all INTO reg72_r

        WITH KEY  equnr = register_wa-equnr

                    ab  = register_wa-ab

                   bis  = register_wa-bis

               zwnummer = register_wa-zwnummer

               zuart    = p_xy_obj-obj-cu-zuart_wand.

      IF   sy-subrc NE 0

      AND  (   register_wa-zwtyp = co_zwtyp_cumx_power

           OR  register_wa-zwtyp = co_zwtyp_bal_power

           OR  register_wa-zwtyp = co_zwtyp_bal_consum

           OR  register_wa-zwtyp = co_zwtyp_cumx_consum ).

*     messart not direkt but no transformer relation for register x

*     in device y
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note: co_zwtyp_cumx_power & co_zwtyp_cumx_consum edited to conform with publishing guidelines :-/