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Consume SF API in HTML5 Application using SAML.

Jun 02, 2017 at 10:54 AM


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Hi All,

I am trying to consume SF ODATA API in my HTML5 Application to get the employee table. I am able to do by using basic authentication but now I have to do oAuth/SSO in production environment. I have gone through all blog but not able to solve it?

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Hi Ravi,

Can you share a little more detail on what your issue is? What API are you accessing, and what difficulties you are facing?

Have you read the OData API documentation ?
And followed the excellent blog by Arjit Das based on that documentation ?

OAuth is definitely far more complicated than Basic Auth, so there are many hurdles you may be facing.



Hi Elijah,

Thank you for your reply and documents. I am using this docs only but I have some doubts.

1. While doing oAuth2 Registration there is a field for Application URL. We have SAP UI5 Application in which I am calling SF API and this apps deployed on cloud portal.

2. For Basic auth, it is working fine but not for SAML2.0. Cloud portal URL or deployed app url what to use?

What URL is should here to register application.




Hi Folks,

any answer to my question. Please help me in achieving this.


Ravi Shankar.

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1 Answer

Manju Venkatesh
Aug 21, 2017 at 05:17 PM

Hello Ravi,

RE 1) if ur SAP Cloud Platform account is paired with SFSF instance then take look at portal service, under portal service you will see pre-defined destination used by portal service to make OData calls. You can create your destination on the similar basis.

2) if your configuring extension apps as custom navigation link on SFSF side then you should be using portal site URL not deployed apps URL.

Take look at this blog :- >



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Hello Manju,

I am facing one problem, in the manage oauth part what Application URL I should provide. Is it the lauchpad url as I have 5 application on the lauchpad. When I am trying to do so it is giving me an error.


Ravi Shankar.