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Former Member
Mar 08, 2007 at 07:54 PM

2LIS_02_SCL extractor is delivering wrong document currency amount


Dear all,

We are currently trying to get the invoiced amount of a purchase order in the document currency (of the invoice). While extracting the Purchasing Orders via the 2LIS_02_SCL we discover that the invoiced amount in document currency (BWGEOO) is wrong (if document currency is not matching local currency). However the invoiced amount in local currency (BWGEO) is correct.

It seems that the BWGEOO is calculated from the local currency field by using the PO header exchange rate (EKKO-WKURS). If we take the exchange rate (RBKP-KURSF) from the invoice header and apply it on the extracted invoiced amount in local currency, we get the correct value.

- Does anyone have some information how the extractor is working (which source table is taken into account)?

- Why is the local currency matching and the document currency not?

- Do you have experienced the same issue? Do you have any solution for this problem?

Thank you.