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Shopping cart creation category dropdown selecting the most used category

Hi SRM gurus,

While creating a shopping cart one of our most used category gets selected by default before we start doing anything.

Everytime we have to change the category.

Is there a way that will become blank and we can select from the dropdown or the find list.

Kindly suggest.

We are using SRM component version 4.0, SRM server 5.0, our patch level 0008.

Thx. & reg.,


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4 Answers

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    Mar 01, 2007 at 01:22 AM

    Hi Sridhar,

    Check you browser settings like autocomplete, sessions, cache..

    Mostly the items other than ION do not automatically populate in Cart.



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    Mar 01, 2007 at 01:59 AM

    Hi Sridhar,

    Rajesh is right.

    I have never seen this behaviour.

    Rather people use BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI to populate default category.

    Pl. check yr browser settings or any BADIs if you have activated any.



    <b>Reward if helps</b>

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    Former Member
    Mar 01, 2007 at 09:13 AM


    <b>Yes.. This was happening with us when we used SRM 4.0 version.

    We have used an BADI Implementation to resolve this issue.</b>

    <u>The BADI name is <b> BBP_F4_READ_ON_EXIT </b></u>

    For Product category -> Product category (attr. WGR, PRCAT) GET_CATEGORY Method, you need to go ahead.

    <u>Read the documenation of this BADI and you will get the problem resolved after implementing the same.</u>

    Here is the documentation

    Short Text
    Restrict the Display in Input Helps and Search Helps
    You can use the Business Add-In (BAdI) BBP_F4_READ_ON_EXIT to restrict (or augment) the list of values and favorites that are output in the input and search helps. You can only process data elements for which input helps exist on HTML templates. The following three BAdIs are also available:
    Use this BAdI if you do not just want to restrict the favorites and values list but also want to select this yourself.
    The following three modules are used to process the values per data element:
    BBP_GET_<data element>_F4
    Supplies a list of all values and user-specific favorites. You can influence how this module works using BAdI BBP_F4_READ_ON_ENTRY and BBP_F4_READ_ON_EXIT.
    BBP_UPD_<data element>_FAV
    Updates the favorites in internal function group storage. You can influence how this module works using BAdI BBP_F4_MEM_UPDATE.
    BBP_SET_<data element>_FAV
    Writes the current favorites to the database. You can influence how this module behaves using BAdI BBP_F4_SAV_DB.
    Only implement this BAdI and only program the appropriate method if you want to restrict or augment the value set of standard selection.
    If you determine favorites using a BAdI, the standard modules do not process the favorites further. Warning: If, deviating from standard selection, you determine the list of favorites yourself using a BAdI, you have to temporarily store the favorites in the methods of the BAdIs and carry out final saving to the database yourself.
    Standard settings
    If data is added via the methods, no check of this data occurs. The check has to occur in the methods themselves.
    The interfaces of the methods of the BAdI are (almost) always the same:
    Language for determination of the texts
    User for which the values are requested
    ET_<data element>_LIST 
    The list of valid values changed by you
    Use "X" to stipulate that you have filled the favorites list. Only present if favorites table exists for relevant data element.
    ET_<data element>_FAVOURITES
    Changed favorites list for user IV_USER. Only exists if favorites table exists for relevant data element.
    The methods have to fill the structures of the transfer tables completely. Incompletely filled structures can cause followup errors and unforseen consequences.
    Reading of value lists and favorites using function module BBP_GET_<data element>_F4 occurs as follows:
    1. First the BAdI BBP_F4_READ_ON_ENTRY is called. It is possible to fill the input list (and favorites) with default values.
    a) In the case of default values, exactly these values are returned to the initiator. No further processing or check occurs and the module is exited.
    b) If no default values exist, the standard selection is carried out.
    2. Before the values are transferred externally you can restrict or augment the number of hits using the BAdI BBP_F4_READ_ON_EXIT. You can therefore delete entries from or add entries to the input list or favorites list.
    3. BAdI BBP_F4_READ_ON_EXIT provides an individual method for each data element for which an input help and/or favorites table exists. These are listed below.
    If you use this method, you need to indicate processing using the parameter EV_X_LIST_PROCESSED or EV_X_FAV_PROCESSED. Otherwise the selection is lost.
    List of available methods per data element in BBP_F4_READ_ON_EXIT:
    Field/Data element  Method 
    Currency    GET_CURRENCY 
    Region    GET_REGION 
    Country    GET_COUNTRY 
    Language    GET_LANGUAGE 
    Industry     GET_INDUSTRY 
    Academic title    GET_ACADEMIC 
    Time zones    GET_TIMEZONE 
    Procurement cards   GET_PCARD 
    Legal forms     GET_LEGAL 
    Format for name format    GET_NAMEFORM 
    Quality management systems    GET_QMSYSTEM 
    Fixed values    GET_DOMVALUE 
    Form of address texts    GET_TITLEKEY 
    Units of measure   GET_UNIT 
    Bank data    GET_BANKINFO 
    Tax number types   GET_TAXNUMT 
    Tax numbers per country    GET_TAXTYPE 
    Tax groups per tax type    GET_TAXGROUP 
    Terms of payment    GET_PAYMTERM 
    RFC destinations   GET_RFC_LOGS 
    Logical systems   GET_LOGSYS 
    Tax codes     GET_TAXCODE 
    Catalogs (attribute CAT)   GET_CATALOG 
    Roles (attribute ROLE)   GET_ROLE 
    Account assignment categories (attribute KNT) GET_KNT_ATTR 
    Purchasing organizations (from PdOrg)  GET_PURCHORG 
    Purchasing organizations (per company)   GET_PORGCOMP 
    Purchasing group (from PdOrg)  GET_PURCHGRP 
    Purchasing group (per company)  GET_PGRPCOMP 
    Product category (attr. WGR, PRCAT)  GET_CATEGORY 
    Products    GET_PRODUCT 
    Goods recipient plant (attr. REQUESTER)  GET_GRCPLANT 
    Goods recipient user (attr. REQUESTER)  GET_GRCUSER 
    Requester (attribute REQUESTER)  GET_BOBUSER 
    Cost centers (attribute CNT)   GET_COSTCENT 
    Asset classes (attribute ANK)   GET_ASSETCL 
    Assets (attribute AN1)   GET_ASSETNO 
    Asset subnumbers (attribute AN2)  ET_ASSETSUB 
    Network (attribute NET)   GET_NETWORK 
    WBS element (attribute PRO)  GET_WBSELEM 
    Order (attribute ANR)   GET_ORDERNO 
    Customer order (attribute AUN)  GET_SDDOC 
    Customer order item (attribute APO)  GET_SDDOCPOS 
    Document type (attribute BSA)  GET_DOCTYPE 
    Transaction type (attribute TEND_TYPE)  GET_TENDTYPE

    <i>Incase you face any problems, do let me know.</i>

    Hope this will help.

    Please reward suitable points.


    - Atul

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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hello Atul,

      I did read the documentation, but you see I looked at BBP_CATEGORY_FAV and the guid listed for me is NOT the one that keeps showing up in the extended details. I have checked ( at least to what I understand) PPOMA_BBP and do not see any categories checked as default for me.

      I did some debugging and I got down to the user_attributes_get perform in BBP_READ_ATTRIBUTES function module. When it comes out of HR_GENAT_READ_ATTRIBUTES there are no 'X' values in DEFAULTVAL. Then later it call method cl_bbp_attr_scenario=>convert_hr_values_to_bbp with set_auto_dft = 'X'. I am not as familar with methods in SAP as I should but this is where I believe my issue lies. I am still debugging thought this might help you see where I am at with this issues.

      Thank you for your continuing support.

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    Former Member
    Apr 09, 2007 at 08:43 PM


    in BAdI BBP_F4_READ_ON_EXIT method get_category you can find the internal table ET_CATEGORY_FAVOURITES. It should be sufficient to clear the table.

    By the way, the user favourites are stored in table BBP_CATEGORY_FAV.


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