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Feb 27, 2007 at 06:03 PM

Formula Variable


In my scenario the user should be able to select the year and period.

I have created the following:

<b>For YTD Actuals</b>: Restricted on actuals KF and Posting Period (Value range Less than - 0P_PER3).

<b>For Forecast</b>: Restricted on forecast KF and Posting Period (Value range Greater than or equal to - 0P_PER3).

<b>For Months</b>:I have created 36 columns. 12 are RKFs for forecast, 12 are RKFs for actuals and 12 are CKFs.

I have hard coded each of the month columns. i.e., Posting period 1=jan, 2=feb etc.

<b>Till here the query works well</b>. But now I want to use the CKF which should be a total of Forecast & Actual.

I have created a formula variable with replacement path based on char Posting Period. This is filled with a variable (0P_PER3 - Posting Period (Single Entry, Mandatory).

Then I defined a boolean logic:

(1<Posting Period)Jan Actual + (1>=Posting Period)Jan Forecast - for January

(2<Posting Period)Feb Actual + (2>=Posting Period)Feb Forecast - for February

Etc till December.

<b>But this is not working</b>.

It is giving me only the Jan Forecast figures for all the months.