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Apr 10, 2017 at 11:17 AM

MRP run with Capacity Requirement Planning


Hi All,

My Client is having 14 Plants within same company code and follows MTS strategy (REM Mfg.)

Central planning department is responsible for giving production plan to each plant.

FERT materials has multilevel BOM structure.

PIR will be created for FERT materials. Then the BOM component are exploded at all levels and with the help of an Excel template Capacity Requirement is determined and based on the Net Excess/shortage of Capacity, stock transfer plan is prepared.

Elements of Stock Transfer Plan are;

Transfer IN: If the capacity is overloaded and shortage exist, then dependent requirement(HALB) is transferred to other Plant as a PIR(HALB) and after processing, the quantity will be transfer to the main plant as TRANSFER IN via STO.

Transfer OUT: If the capacity is excess, then the same can be used to meet the demand from other plants.

Current procedure followed by client,

1.FG Plan will be entered in the LTP scenario no.1 via transaction code MD61

2.Transfer In WIP materials will be fed in scenario no.2 via transaction code MD61

3.Transfer Out WIP materials will be fed in scenario no.3 via transaction code MD61

4. These 3 scenarios will explode the BOMs related to the materials via transaction MS01 and give the

output of RMs and consumables via the transaction code MCB) using values in column ‘Requirements’.

5. The final requirement will be as :

Self(FG Plan) + Transfer Out - Transfer In = Net requirements, which will be consolidated in an access file which will give output as an excel file named RMDS with

date wise requirements

Note :

  • LTP scenario is not moved to Operation Planning.
  • Procurement elements like Planned Order, PR & STO are manually created by referring RMDS excel file, No role of MRP Run MD01 or MD02.

Business Requirement;

Client want to implement MRP Run(MD01/MD02) for their current business process, since client don’t want to continue anymore calculation in Excel sheet for calculating CRP and Net Req. calculation.

During MRP run(MD01/MD02) system should explode the BOM and based on detailed lead time scheduling, system have to determine the capacity requirement for processing the components at all levels of BOM. If the capacity is overloaded then the demand (dependent requirement) have to be transfer to other plants which has free capacity.

Procurement elements like Planned Order, PR & STO should be created from MRP Run MD01 or MD02.

Queries :

  1. Is it possible to achieve the above requirement using SAP R/3 system ?
  2. If not possible in SAP R/3 , then is it possible to make it with SAP APO ?


Dinesh Kumar V.