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Nov 08, 2006 at 07:07 PM

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Hello Experts,

I have an internal table with two fields. WERKS, for the site, and ERZET, for time counts were created. ERZET will either have a valid time or be blank (article wasn't counted). I need the earliest time brought to the top of the internal table for each site, but not the blank.

If I sort descending by WERKS ERZET I get the latest ERZET by site. If I sort ascending by WERKS ERZET I get the blank ERZET by site.

Problem: I want the earliest time for each site, but because of the blanks if I sort ascending I get the blanks first. Any syntax out there that would allow me to sort the table that would bring the first non-blank ERZET to the top of the internal table.