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Apr 18 at 07:04 PM

EWM fixed bin + capacity check during putaway


Hi experts,

My customer is willing to maintain fixed bins for his products, with bin assignment through /SCWM/BINMAT, but WITHOUT maintaining related storage type view data for all his products in /SCWM/MAT1.

All fixed bins are physically the same, in one storage type.

In addition, during goods inward, after HU creation and GR, target is to fill fixed bin with the first HU(s), as long as there is enough room in the fixed bin during the WT creation.

My issue is that so far, without maintaining max. qty in /SCWM/MAT1, only replenishment works fine, any putaway of multiple HUs for the same product are leaded to the fixed bin, regardless of current stock situation in it.

I've tried processing multiple HU putaway into empty fixed bins with

  • Capacity check according to product Key figure + UOM capacity usage in products + capacity in fixed bin

Not working, even though my HU have accurate capacity usage and bins are defined with accurate capacity allowance, when I process the putaway of x HU, first one is directed in my empty fixed bin, but next pallets are also directed to the fixed bin, and the WT creation log shows a capacity check not updated from previous pallet WT.
The capacity is updated though, but after the WT creation, showing me as a result a capacity usage of 200% or more in /SCWM/LS03

Capacity data from product UOM: sap-fixed-bin-putway-img-1.png

Capacity usage from one HU created during IBD process sap-fixed-bin-putway-img-2.png

Result after processing WT creation of 2 Hus sap-fixed-bin-putway-img-3.png

  • Limitation of weight /volume --> seems that this is not checked at all, and allow putaway raising overcapacity into the fixed bin


So, if I get it right, in order to fill the requirement, looks like I have not many choices:

  • Maintain /SCWM/MAT1 with a maximum quantity per product
  • Change my setting so that my fixed bin storage type won’t allow additional to stock and segregate putaway to 1 bin max, but that would influence my replenishment process and will lead to replenishing only when bin is fully depleted
  • Use BADI to play with capacity check myself during WO creation

Did I miss something, or capacity is not checked during putaway into fixed bins by SAP standard ?