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Mar 15 at 11:59 PM

Limiting Subitem Field Length


Dear Experts,

In our case of Group reporting implementation, one subitem category is linked to Functional Area. The client is using 8 digits for the functional area field, but for Group reporting/External reporting purposes they only need the first five digits of the values. Instead of using reporting rule ranges or functional area/subitem hierarchies to group these 8 digit FA values into 5 digit value reporting items/nodes, is it possible to restrict the values that are populated in Group reporting to the first 5 characters?

I tried changing the field length of the subitem category to 5 and creating the corresponding 5 digit subitem, but that did not work.In ideal scenario, it would be great to have 5 digits in the subitem and full 8 digits in the functional area field populated, but I understand that may be a reach.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Can Erdogan