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Jun 23 at 06:42 AM

SAP Business One - Upload Attachment (to remote service location) - Internal Error (-43)

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Hi Experts,

I'm having an issue uploading an attachment into SAP B1 via the Service Layer. I am able to upload an attachment using the SAP client without issue. I'm using Postman to test sending the request before I embed this into a real application.

Here's what my request looks like.

    "odata.metadata": "https://129.159.XXX.XXX:50000/b1s/v1/$metadata#Attachments2/@Element",
    "Attachments2_Lines": [
            "LineNum": 1,
            "SourcePath": "C:\\BK1",
            "FileName": "ABC1",
            "FileExtension": "docx",
            "AttachmentDate": "2022-05-27",
            "Override": "tYES",
            "FreeText": null,
            "CopyToTargetDoc": "tNO"

Here's the error that I'm getting which doesn't make sense to me. I can't find anything on this error and I was wondering if anyone had seen something like this before?

    "error": {
        "code": -43,
        "message": {
            "lang": "en-us",
            "value": "Internal error (-43) occurred"

Note: It is working fine from the local network but when I am calling this from an external network, I am able to get and send the data as expected but File is not being uploaded.

Can you please help in it?