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Jun 14 at 03:15 PM

DMS -Opening DIR Originals that were checked into the vault using Original value from another DIR


We are using the internally generated Original value (DRAW - FILEP) in DIRs (example PR100500000000000000979897) in 1 system to attach the same file associated with it to DIRs in another system. This is possible if we specify the Application type in the Applic. field and the path where the file is located on my machine (see 1st attachment). However after I save the DIR and go back in to view it by double clicking on it I get the popup shown on the 2nd screenshot asking "How do you want to open this file". When I select the appropriate application (like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC) the file will open. This popup only occurs when for originals checked in this way and we are trying to find a way to avoid that popup. I do have the default app for .pdf as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC so that does not seem to be the issue.

See the last attachment below that shows what the file looks like that I have in the path to upload the new original. Note that I can rename the file by adding a .PDF at the end and if I do then the file changes to a PDF like the 1st 3 in the attachment and if that file is grabbed it checks in and can be displayed with the popup. So, any idea's how I can rename those files in mass as that would resolve the issue as well?

Finally, is there a way to in mass download the files that exist as originals in DIRs in their native application (like PDF) so I can just use those to check in for the new DIRs in another system?


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