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May 19 at 08:33 AM

SAP ECTR connector - Classification management


Dear community,

We have implemented C# code on ECTR connector, capable of creating/reading/managing ECTR documents (SWA, SWP, etc.). Everything OK thanks to SAP wiki 'ECTR connector' documentation.

But no idea of how to manage characteristics (017) in ECTR DTypes: no way to add characteristics when creating the DIR, no way to read them from a manually ECTR documents with many populated characteristics.

Which is the syntax to use? How can we deal with characteristics when creating (PlmCreateDocumentsRequest()) or reading documents?

We have tried managing attributes, figuring out from ECTR trace logs... but we only see the shared attributes with CAD tool (SW, in our case). Example from WIki, but this does not write/read classification tab.

drawingMetaInfoCad.getAttributes().addAttribute(PlmAttributeNames.DOCUMENT_DESCR, "Drawing for PLM cube" ); drawingMetaInfoCad.getAttributes().addAttribute(PlmAttributeNames.DOCUMENT_DTYPE, "DRWV" ); // DType

Thank you all