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Apr 21, 2022 at 09:35 AM

BRF+ Application not getting deleted even Mark for Deletion completed



I am having one issue while deleting BRF+ application in Quality System.

Someone created a LOCAL BRF+ directly in Quality under $TMP. Due to this issue while Creating CR (created via XML file coming from CRM system) I am getting always 2 Application and unfortunately the local Application ID is picked up, As system always read index 1 (Screen shot attached for class CL_USMD_RULE_SERVICE Method GET_APPLICATION_OF_MODEL).


I ran FDT_MARK_FOR_DELETE Report without TEST MODE also, Even After, My issue is not getting resolved.(Screen shot attached.)


There is a way Directly in BRF+ Transaction to Delete or To Mark for Delete, But I guess that is in turn calling above report only.

Please suggest me If have to do something else.


Amit Kumar