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Apr 22, 2022 at 07:38 PM

High RAM Utilization post SAP B1 v10 FP2111 Upgrade from SAP B1 v9.2



Hello all,

We recently upgraded our system from SAP B1 v9.2 to SAP B1 v10 FP 2111. Post the installation from our vendor, I noticed that the RAM utilization was throttling at 80-90 percentage on idle state (only 1 user was logged in at the time.)

Vendor had informed that this is caused due to the latest Service Layer configuration from SAP B1 for v10. Is this true?

Please note that our Server has 48 GB RAM with a total of 12 Cores.

Some of the reasons provided by the vendor were:

1. Web Client Service (this has been disabled, but still there isn't any difference)
2. New Service Layer Configuration for v10 in B1
3. SQL Server configuration

I am attaching the screenshot of the the task manager from the server, to show the utilization.

Kindly requesting to provide your inputs and the probable causes and fixes to this issue.