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Jan 31, 2022 at 03:50 PM

SAP Marketing Cloud Set Country-Specific Checks


Hello Community,

We are trying to replicate a business partner from Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud, but we are receiving the error "Postal Code ABC must have the length X". In some cases, we want to change the check while the import in the Marketing Cloud system like it is described in the SAP Note 3089578. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter this configuration point in manage your solution app. We always get the error, that we authorized to use this function. So, I tried to find the business catalog to enter this function. But still if there is not any business catalog in the system, that is not used by a business role and my business user has all roles assigned, I am not able to access this configuration point and still get the same error message.

How is it possible to enter this point of the configuration?

Kind regards