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Jan 02 at 09:23 AM

SAP BTP Get Metadata for 404 error


Hi experts.

I am currently using the SAP BTP Trial Account to validate the development of an HTML5 application.

I use cloudfoundry.

We use BAS for development.

After building and deploying the app I created,

When I connect to OData to use F4 help, I get a 404 error in GET Metadata and I can't get help.

This help works fine when I debug with BAS.

(No 404 error has occurred.)

I am a beginner in BTP, BAS, JAVAScript and have little knowledge.

Which parts should I check and what should I fix to resolve the 404 error?

And what information should you provide to resolve this issue?

I'm wondering if there is a problem with the file used for deployment because it can be executed on BAS, but I don't understand anything.

I would appreciate your help.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards