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Dec 14, 2021 at 12:34 PM

SAP Solution Manager Charm Subject attributes from different context

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Hi community,

I am currently developing for Solution Manager Charm/ITSM and I am currently trying to create a mail form.

With this tutorial I made a custom attribute context for my mail form and I can add attributes from different context to my mail body.

SAP Mail Forms Demystified

But now I am trying to add attributes from different context to my subject but I don't know if this works.

My Steps.

1. Choose first attribute context.

2. Go to "Add Attributes", select attributes and add them to the subject.

I know have %SAP_A1 and %SAP_A2 in my list and in my subject

3. Change attribute context

4. Go to "Add Attributes", select attributes.

Now I can see %SAP_A1, %SAP_A2 and again %SAP_A2 in my list. A1 and A2 don't have a description anymore as I guess the context is not the same. And when I try to add all three I only see the last added %SAP_A2 in my subject.

My Question now, is it even possible to add attributes from different contexts into the subject directly?

Thank you for your time.