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Mar 02, 2021 at 05:07 PM

SAP B1 UP '@STORE' syntax in Universal Function macros


Hi experts!

Based on Boyum's documentation it would seem that it is possible to assign the result of a Subquery to a @STOREXX value, like:

@STORE1 = (SELECT LastPurPrc FROM OITM WHERE ItemCode LIKE '[$38.14.0]').

However, this doesn't seem to be working for me when I try to use it inside a macro? In fact, I can't seem to use @STORE values at all in my macros.

For example, this short snippet of code recommended in the Boyum documentation does not work for me inside a validation.


@STORE1 = 2;

StatusBar(Store1 value is @STORE1|Warning);'

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks experts!