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Dec 20, 2020 at 12:57 PM

Debit Deferred Revenue account instead of Customer in SD billing


Dear Experts,

I m working on S4Hana Extended, where my client is having the below scenario and i understood one way of acheiveing this would be tweeking the SD user exit to change the entries at the below User Exit.
SDVFX008 User exit: Processing of transfer structures SD-FI.
Please let me know if any other work around is feasible for this requirement, I would really appreciate if you can provide me details on this,


1. As part of long term service contract, my client would be collecting some fixed amount every 3 months(quarter) from the customer and conisder that as deferred revenue, which is possible via SD periodic billing.
Accounting Entries:
Dr Customer
Cr Deferred Revenue

2. In future (may be at the time of 3rd quarter or so) our client will provide maintenance service to the customer, for which a Project order is created and while performing the project order billing instead of debiting the customer again the Project order amount should get debited from the quarterly posted deferred revenue account.
ie. Expected Accounting Entries:
Dr Deferred Revenue
Cr Revenue