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How can I find KBA number from CR number

Feb 16, 2017 at 08:41 AM


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I have a problem and I found a CR number, which is 748236. Previously, I checked link, but now that link doesn't work.

So that, how can I find extra information (for example: KBA number) about CR number?

Thanks and Best Regards,


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1 Answer

Bret Halford
Feb 20, 2017 at 05:38 PM

Hi Murat,

There is no direct equivalent at SAP for Sybase's CR search interface (which displayed the CR numbers, short description, and information on which rollup versions (if any) a fix was available in.)

The closest equivalent at SAP is the collection of KBAs (knowledge base articles).

In general, if you have a CR number, doing a search through the support Launchpad should bring up any KBA that mentions the CR. and the main KBA for the CR should indicate what versions it has been fixed in. Although Support has been writing KBAs for several years now, there is still a large backlog of CRs that do not yet have a KBA written for them.

If the search doesn't bring up any relevant KBA, it most likely means that a KBA hasn't been written for the CR yet.

In that case, you can contact support either through the new Expert Chat interface or by opening a new incident to get information about the CR. The support engineer should typically take the opportunity to write and publish the missing KBA as part of the workflow for handling your inquiry.


Bret Halford
SAP Product Support

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p.s. I don't believe CR 748236 has a KBA published for it yet.

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Hi Bret,

Thanks for that informations and suggestion,

When I see a buglist for new patches, I care detail of some CR's. And I spend alot time to find informations about that CR.

So I need so much a web page like ""

Thanks again.
Best Regards,