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Aug 23, 2020 at 07:37 AM

Credit card number not masked in Table FPLTC


I checked in few case for sales order transaction VA02/VA03 credit card detail is masked But when i checked in table FPLTC , there are 3 entries corresponding entires maintained for the related Billing plan number / invoicing plan number of the sales order as shown below.

Here one of the entires higlited beblow is not masked in table FPLTC .

I have got the requirement to mask the entries in table FPLTC , that are not msked.

So as a ABAPer here I want to understand the functioanlity , why there is 3 entires maintained and why the last entry is not masked .

Can anyone please help me to understand this case as i could not find more details about this case in SCN and let me know incase for detail required from myside .




fpltc.png (11.1 kB)