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Mar 03, 2020 at 10:34 PM

PMS-Flexible and Predefined Form Employee Access- HANA-Fiori



As we are planning to use both flexible and predefined appraisal system , configured 2 templates using the below methods.

1. Flexible Template - Configured in PHAP_CATALOG_PA (appraisal catalog ), WDABAP- HRHAP_MAIN_DOCUMENT (Fiori tile set up id done), Category Group - Personal appraisal

>> Employee is able to access the document in ESS Fiori launch pad (Tile) , documents are appearing under status overview - Employee Documents ( As Expected )

2. Predefined - Template configured using std spro nodes not in PHAP_CATALOG_PA , WD ABAP - HAP_PMP_EMPLOYEE (Fioril tile set up is done) , Template created under Personal Appraisal category (1) . Not sure these templates should be created under Talent Management (300 - category )

>> Employee is able to access the document in ESS under flexible - status overview tab and under Performance Management Process employee entry screen.Documents are appearing under both the flexible and predefined entry points .We want documents to appear under PMP entry screen only. ( Not as Expected)

Noticed few standard TMC* table entries are created upon template configuration

Please share your thoughts and ideas on how the documents are called in ESS and MSS , Do we need to change the category (oohap_category) manually ?