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Oct 23, 2019 at 11:42 AM

Business role provisioning issue for SAP GRC 12.0 SP4


Hi Experts

I need your advise on business role provisioning issue i am facing.

I have created a business role LG and assigned to group, now i have uploaded the business role with technical roles of backend system but access request works well and goes to role owner but post role owner approval my request still shows as role owner approval pending in logs but actually it dont exists in inbox of role owner.

i dont see any perticular configured required for business role in GRC apart from creating a seperate logical group as assigning it to action and groups where we set as 17(Business role). i have activated debug and i can see logs checked until No SoD exists while checking the detour path but as no SoD exists it must auto provision, i have already set the provisioning setting as auto provisioning at end if request.

appreciate advise or tips on where exactly i need to troubleshoot