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Oct 10, 2019 at 10:23 AM

LPG Gas Dynamic Qty Calculation - HPM module



I am implementing SAP in LPG industry. They procure Bulk LPG from suppliers, then store in tanks and finally fill in to cylinders and sells the filled cylinders. Client wants to implement HPM module for dynamic qty calculation of LPG based on environmental conditions like temperature and density. I am new to LPG industry and want to know following.

1. What are the environmental conditions affect LPG qty like Temperature etc. Kindly provide them based on your previous experience.

2. In reading group what parameters are used normally for dynamic qty calculation of LPG (as shown below) . Kindly share the details based on your previous LPG industry experience.

3. What are the UOM's they use other than MT (Metric Ton) for LPG qty. this is required for maintaining the UOM group.




capture-lpg.jpg (112.8 kB)