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Mar 27, 2019 at 02:17 PM

maximum category levels in navigation bar


As per hybris when i add a node to the navigation bar from smart edit, the first level after that is not clickable, then the one after is clickable, then you can not add anymore subcategories. How can i edit that? make 5 category levels and all clickable

"When building your navigation structure, you must be aware of the node structure that the jsp of your navigation component type can render. If the navigation structure that you define in navigation management does not correspond to the expected structure for the component type, the component may be displayed incorrectly or it can break your jsp when rendered. For example, the category navigation component is used in the navigation bar that is displayed on most pages. The expected structure for this component is to select a second-level node and expose all its sub-nodes as follows: Third-level nodes with sub-nodes. Each third-level node must have a CMSLinkComponent entry. Fourth-level nodes with sub-nodes. The fourth-level nodes must not have any entries added to them. If they do, they will not be rendered in the Accelerator storefront. Fifth-level nodes. Each fifth-level node must have a CMSLinkComponent entry."- this is stated in the help