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Jul 04, 2019 at 06:24 AM

Deletion of company code in Development client


Hi All ,

I have created a company code XXXX in Development client and completed most of configuration like assigning to COA , Controlling area , Chart of depreciation to this etc . In addition to this I have created two more company codes ie XXX1 and XXX2 .. So there are some common transport requests for example like assigning same chart of depreciation to all three company codes etc.

So now I want to delete company code XXXX so that it does not go to Q or P system .Transaction data has been posted for this company code in Development client .

So let me know through which T code it is possible to delete . Before deleting the company code should I first remove all the assignments to the company code and then delete .What about transaction data ? Do I need to delete that even though it is posted in Development client .

Please revert back as this is urgent .