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Employee responsible for Sales migration template

Hi All.

There is Employee responsible for Sales in Employee Work Distribution. Where you can define you rules for Employee Responsible. In that rules you can define STATE. And my question is it possible to upload STATE = Not Specified via Migrate responsibilities using the migration tool (xml Template in Business configuration work center) ?

I tried to set Not Specified in template and upload it but ByDesign did not recognize it.

You can see that in the rule it is displayed as <NOT SPECIFIED> but it does not work. No one account with not specified state has received Employee responsible based on that rule. In same time if I will add "Not Specified" value to the rule manually(from Available items) then rule will work correctly.

Maybe there is a symbol which means "Not Specified" in ByDesign or another way how I can upload "Not Specified" values ?

There are hundred rules where I need to add it.

Best regards,


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