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Former Member
Jun 14, 2016 at 02:38 PM

Changing Tax Code rule in OB40 impact other countries


In all 5 Countries use same Chart of Accounts. Till now the requirement for all Countries was to have single GL for all Output tax codes . Thus currently in OB40 for Tranasaction key MWS there is no rule activated. Now out of 5 only 1 Country want to define different GL accounts Tax codes wise.

If we activate the rule for Tax Code & define different GL for different tax codes of that single country only & not for other countries tax codes , then GL assignment for tax codes for other Countries are overwritten & thus they don't have any GL assigned . Thus table T030K for remaining 4 countries become blank

In such scenario will I have to update all the tax codes for all the 5 countries? There are in all 150 tax codes combining all 5 countries

Is there any workaround for same