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Jan 20, 2016 at 08:18 PM

MSS Competency Matchup-Direct Reports v All Employees


Hi, we are working with the Competency Matchup service in MSS. We recently installed MSS Business Function HCM_MSS_WDA_2. We are trying to allow the managers to select to view the Competency Matchup data for either their direct reports, or for all employees who report up to them in their organization.

Here is SAP's documentation for the Competency Matchup service:

This is where my questions come in:

Per the standard functionality, the service allows you to select either Direct Reports or All Employees. In the Competency Matchup on the Home Page in MSS, it displays the first 5 employees in the population you have selected. However, when I click on the "Click to view all" link, which opens in a new tab, I expect to see the same population of employees that I selected. For example, on the Home Page, if I select Direct Reports, it shows 5 of my 8 Direct Reports:

Then when I click the "Click to view all" link, it opens a new tab with all 8 of my Direct Reports:

So far, so good.

On the Home Page, I can also select All Employees, and it shows 5 of the 25 total employees who are in my organization:

However, when I click the "Click to view all" link, it still only shows my 8 Direct Reports. I would expect to see all 25 employees in my organization.

In the IMG, in the Organizational View Group MSS_ORG_DAT_GRP, the Organizational View MSS_ORG_DAT_DIR (Direct Reports) is configured in Position 1, and the Org View MSS_ORG_DAT_ALL (All Employees) is configured in Position 2. Although SAP gives me a warning message when I make a change to this configuration table, I can change the configuration so that MSS_ORG_DAT_ALL (All Employees) is Position 1 and MSS_ORG_DAT (Direct Reports) is Position 2.

If I do that, when I select Direct Reports from the Home Page, like before it shows only the first 5 of my 8 Direct Reports:

That is correct. But when I click the "Click to view all" Link, it displays all 25 employees in my organization:

That is incorrect.

I assume that I need to create a custom Organizational View Group. Is that correct, and if so, what would that look like?

And if do create a custom Org View Group, SAP's documentation says: "The default application uses organizational view group MSS_ORG_DAT_GRP." Where is this configured? In other words, if I create a custom Org View Group, how do I assign it to the Competency Matchup application?

Any help from someone who has worked with this service is greatly appreciated.


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