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Jan 18, 2016 at 03:15 AM

Multi Level Document approval using workflow in SAP DMS


Hello Dear Experts.

I would like to create document using cv01n.

After attached document an e-mail goes to release owners. There are 2 option should be appeared 'Release' Button & 'Reject' Button into email body.

It should be released by departmental or positional head through mail just clicking on any of this options who can release or reject the document.

If not release or reject then it will go for previous stage.

After released, it will goes to companies CXO level owners (5-6 CXO participant is there) through e-mail for approval. There are 2 options should be appeared 'Approve' button & 'Reject' button into their e-mail body.

If more than 50% approver (including CEO) are approved this document (Approved>Rejected), this document status is approved otherwise auto rejected.

If Approved by CXO then it will wait for final approval.

One of the authorized person recieve an email for approve this document finally. There are one button appear 'Approve' button into the email body. Final approver just click on the 'Approve' button and approved this document finally.

Overall flowchart is :

How to resolve the process?

Can anyone help, Please explain step by step?




flowchart.JPG (57.6 kB)