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Feb 16, 2006 at 03:53 PM

Implementing CL_BSP_BP_TAX_NUMBERS for data binding


Hi everyone,

I've got to use the BP tax number in IC WC. I've seen that we've got this class: CL_BSP_BP_TAX_NUMBERS. But i don't know how to implement this class since i create a page attribute that is ref to this class and a controller attribute that is also ref to this class.

When i define the input fields in the page:

<crmic:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="1" rowIndex="<%=lv_r3 + 2 %>" colSpan="3"><crmic:label design = "label"


text = "<%= otr(ZCRM_IC/TaxNum) %>" /></crmic:gridLayoutCell>

<crmic:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="4" rowIndex="<%=lv_r3 + 2 %>" colSpan="5"><crmic:inputField id = "NIF"

width = "100%"

maxlength = "10"

value = "//BP_TAXDATA/GTTAXINITIAL.TAXNUM" /></crmic:gridLayoutCell>

I get an error.

Can anybody help me. How should i implement this class?

Best Regards

João Anastácio