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Former Member
Nov 06, 2015 at 01:35 PM

sample calls and getObjectByPath


Dear all,

I am a beginner with CMIS and mobile documents and am currently trying to connect to mobile docs using a custom client. We are using the browser binding and I am having a hard time to figure out some of the calls. Sometimes sample calls exist in the official cmis documentation but sometimes they don't. In the SAP documentation I also don't really find sample request or response messages. Am I missing something or is this kind of documentation simple non existent? Would be so much easier to have it!

Especially I am trying to call the getObjectByPath method.

Has anybody called this method successfully and can tell me how to access it for "my documents" and "share" respositories?

I have tried to call it like this: for "my documents" where I want to access the meta information of folder2 which is located under root/folder1/ . All I am getting back is the root folder though.

Also without the userId its returning me the same information about the root folder of my repository.

Any hints would be appreciated.