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Oct 30, 2015 at 05:13 PM

C4C to PI to ECC


Hi All,

We have a customer replication happening at our end in two ways:

ECC to C4C -> Sold to Party replication.

C4C to ECC -> Propsect replication.

However, when we make any change to Customer (account) record in C4C, it flows to ECC, which we do not want, we only want that when it is a Prospect it should flow from C4C to ECC.

Somehow from PI, we have restricted through 'ROLE' only Prospect to flow from C4C to ECC, so now, the DEBMAS IDOC does not generate in ECC Inbound, however we cannot find anything where we can restrict the ADDRESS of the Customer (Account) record to be restricted to flow from C4C to ECCC.

Any inputs from you on how to restrict this?

Will appreciate your help!