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Oct 28, 2015 at 04:00 PM

Eratic Behaviour with KDM Operation while Invoice Registration in MIRO


Hi Gurus,

This time I have this case: When my client is trying to enter an invoice through MIRO KDM operation correctly appears because there is an exchange rate difference between the Goods Receipt and the Invoice Registration. The issue is that the KDM only apply in this case, I mean with a similar circuit (PO without account assigment) same currency, same material with same Value Class, same plant and company code. At first I thought could be because of the slightly difference of exchange rate but I did some tests and this was not the cause; then I thought could be because the stock quantity but neither, I tested with one material wiouth stock level

Why do you think KDM only is launched in this case and not in other with similar characteristics?

Please Advice