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Oct 23, 2015 at 07:42 PM

Aggregation exception doesnt work for summation in a CKF


Dear Experts , we have an issue in a report.

There are two RKF. 1. Agreed requirement 2.Constrained supply. This is a planning report and depends on forecast entered in the input screen, it displays value for 25 months.

In query design, Column has Calweek, Calmonth and Calyear. and hierarchially displayed through calweek.

In rows, all the formulas are defined. User requirement is to display agreed requirement value in 0-4 months and 5-24 should display constrained supply value.

I created this formula whereas Calmonth is formula variable with replacement path of 0CALMONTH and Forecast period is also Formula Var with replace path (of forecast entered in input) + 3. So, this logice works fine for 0-4 and 5-24 as per use requirement. However, I dont get the summation of month values to year. I tried exception aggregation (summation) ref charac as )calweek. Though, it doesnt work. In the year column it shows the Agreed requirement value.Am I missing anything? is there any other way to acheive this? pls help. Thanks in advance.


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pic2.png (12.8 kB)