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Sep 23, 2015 at 01:43 PM

Mass change Account status


Hi everyone,

We replicated our accounts from CRM to C4C, but unfortunately, they all got created with the status In Preparation (lesson learned). We now want to change them all to Active, but the mass change capability does not support changing the status for the account object.

I tried setting up a workflow rule to Activate the account on every save, then performed a mass change on batches of accounts to update an unimportant field (Language). My thinking was that when the mass change updated every record, the workflow rule would be triggered and the record would be activated that way. Unfortunately, I think there might be a bug because while the mass update worked, the workflow rule only got triggered for one record in each of my batches.

Does anyone know of a way (other than SDK) that I can accomplish this? I find it hard to believe that SAP doesn't support mass changes of account status and that the only way to do it is to go into each and every record.

Thanks in advance!