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Credit Check(Maximum percentage of open items reached)


While saving sales orders the above information message is resulting.Checked the settings of OVA8,but max open item % is not maintained for open items checked for reaction A.

Credit exposure is only 53% and there were no open order,open delivery and open billing value in S066 and S067.

Can any one tel me what are all other reasons is triggering the above and blocking the sales order.We can relaese the sales order through VKm1 or VKm3 which we don't want to do and want to know w the reason for this messaage.



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4 Answers

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    Oct 11, 2015 at 08:28 AM

    Thank you all.

    Problem is solved.

    Max % of open items in OVA8 is not set but it will reckoned to 0 and doesn't allow to create sales orders depending on payment terms when open items is selected in OVA8.

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  • Sep 14, 2015 at 07:34 AM

    Max percentage of open items is not related to S066/S067, but to FBL5N items (they can be with or without special g/l indicator, depending on the settings in FBKP). Do you see any receivables values for the credit accounts that you have problems with?

    Did anybody change the assignment of customer to credit account or change the risk category without running F.28? Or did anybody transport changes to OVA8 settings to the productive environment without recreating the credit data?

    Please share a screenshot of the result of check_cm for such order and the OVA8 settings.

    In case the risk category was changed, you will see it in red in check_cm with indication what it was during order creation and what it is now in FD33.

    If you see different values between receivables/special receivables and FBL5N, you can also run in SE38 the program RFCORR40 to check for inconsistencies. Sometimes an incorrectly implemented substitution or user exit can cause discrepancies.

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    • Did you select all open items including special g/l transactions for all payers for this credit account?

      If yes and you do not see any open items overdue - do you use A/R summary functionality? If the check is executed against A/R summary and if A/R summary was generated before finance performed clearing and if A/R summary is not outdated (depends on permitted days/hours setting in OVA8), you can get such incorrect representations.

      If you use A/R summary - check in FD33 the timestamp of the last A/R summary and compare it against the time when clearing is executed (select cleared items for your payer for the A/R summary date and check the time of entry).

      If the problem is that the A/R summary was created before clearing was done, you can schedule it as a one-time job to fix the problem just for now and later to check with finance what should be the correct schedule.

      If still no success, check all entries in BSAD and BSID for the affected payers if KKBER was correctly populated (especially important in case you do not have 1:1 assignment between company code and credit control area).

      It is important also at what time were the sales order created - before or after the clearing? If it was before the clearing, even if you do not use A/R summary and check against the current situation, the order would have been blocked. What happens if you execute recheck from VKM4 without saving - does the credit status change?

      Edit: clarification.

      From what you state as a result of check_cm it seems you have maintained a check for open items %.

      So please share the screenshots of check_cm and OVA8 combination that you see determined in check_cm.

  • Sep 14, 2015 at 04:32 AM


    In SE38 - Run the RVKRED88 report which will provide you the details of open items .

    It might show you whether the S066 /S067 needs any data updation.



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    Sep 17, 2015 at 11:54 AM

    Hello Anuhya,

    Is there any material determination available?

    If yes please remove that and check.



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