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Aug 15, 2015 at 11:59 AM

Post invoice for return delivery in Goods-Receipt-Based Invoice Verification


Hi all,

I received the following error trying to post an invoice for return delivery using BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE1 and Goods-Receipt based Invoice Verification is activated.

M8 376 Enter goods receipt data only when working with GR-based IV

M8 375 Fill in mandatory field REF_DOC, REF_DOC_YEAR, REF_DOC_IT (table parameter ITEMDATA, row 000001)

I know to fix the error is to populate




with material document that was used to post goods receipt

My question is following:

1. I'm not sure which material document to choose. I have two GR entries available, one is with movement type 101 and the other one is with movement type 122.

2. If there were multiple Goods Receipts, how do I submit them to the bapi ?

Do I need to submit two records in ITEMDATA parameter for the same PO line with different Goods-Receipt reference?

3. If there were multiple Goods Receipts, how do I know if an vendor credit invoice has been created for the Goods Receipt document in the past?

I have attached how the PO looks like in this posting.

Anyhelp would be appreciated.


screenshot.jpg (195.9 kB)